OK, I know, this page is ancient.

Hello. I'm Joe Buck. And who are you?

Welcome to our family's domain, whose current main raison d'etre is to put up baby pictures for friends and relatives; those who want to see Molly Welsh Buck, just follow the link.

I also have a boring official page at Synopsys, where I work. You can e-mail me at as long as you remove the NOSPAM before sending.

While I get paid for doing commercial EDA software (e.g. Synopsys's CoCentric System Studio, for which I was the chief architect) , I have had a longtime interest in freely redistributable software. Some projects I have contributed to:

Christine with goats

My wonderful wife, Christine Welsh-Buck, was until recently the volunteer coordinator at Deer Hollow Farm. She gave that up, but is now on the board of directors of Friends of Deer Hollow Farm. Here she is with Bosey the angora goat and Bosey's kid, Potato.

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